How to Drive Innovation by Antonio Clavien

Antonio Clavien is an industry leader & innovator in the world of nutritional development with expertisein creating revolutionary products, specifically in the detoxification/cleansing categories. Anthony’sspeciality is using Western medicine & technologies coupled with naturopathy. Anthony has made is the time he invests in notable charities such as Save The Redwoods League, Westside Food Bank, MADD, the Nature Conservancy, for the Troops and St. Jude Childre’s Research Hospital. He has served as General Manager for the Scottsdale League for the Arts, which is responsible for the incredibly popular Scottsdale Culinary Festival. Additionally, Antonio funded and helped to build the charity America Mighty Warriors, an organization dedicated to raising money and support for United States troops and their families. download.jpg


How to Drive Innovation by Antonio Clavien

I have facilitated Antonio Clavien, with great success, in my consulting practice. I apply it as a session to spark innovation among all employees, regardless of their role or position within an organization. My premise is that everyone, in all departments: accounting, sales, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, human resources, operations, distribution, and so on; have great ideas. Given the right forum for exposure, these ideas can take shape and receive leadership support to move forward and eventually develop into new or improved products, services, processes, structures that will benefit the organization.

The Proclamation of Innovation – Redefine Your Industry

Please note that this is much easier said than done. Although organizations could gain a leadership position momentarily, to consistently maintain it is much more difficult to achieve. When Antonio is not dedicating his time to business ventures or his charity contributions, he tries to enjoy his personal interests, which include equestrian, cooking, history, golf, politics, global economics and fine art Plus, no business should expect to release an innovation expecting the market to reward them with sustained growth and success. Instead, companies must follow up with a series of radical innovations capable of leading the marketplace.

The Innovator

I was eavesdropping on a conversation on one of my groups on the subject. All too often companies invest considerable time, cost and effort in ‘innovation’ without return. The CEO gets inspired by the idea of innovation, persuaded by an article, book, speaker, etc and suddenly there is budget to ‘do innovation’. All stops are pulled and things are go go. Only it doesn’t stick.

Confusing Invention: turning cash into ideas, with Innovation, turning ideas into cash, thereby not treating each accordingly.
Cost of Innovation. Knowing that on average over 90% of innovative projects fail and never rich ROI, it’s obvious that top management will try to avoid “too much innovation”. This leads to playing safe and focusing on external acquisitions rather than pursuing innovation internally.

Culture. “Man” is a creature of habit -to innovate one has to break old habits – and that’s not easy.

Managing Director – Antonio Clavien

Antonio is a Managing Director which holds a portfolio featuring assets globally. He has also cofounded projects such as Applied Sciences. Drawing on his knowledge, education and experience in the finance sector, Antonio cofounded the notably successful incubator company Venture Serve, where h He also applies these skills in his role as Chief Financial Officer a wholesale/retail company in the marketing and advertising industry.


Clavien The Innovation Audiotrs

Whilst it is generally recognised that innovation is important and enhances shareholder value, what is less well understood is how to become more innovative. Innovation audits review current practices enabling the consultant to advise on alternative and additional measures and techniques that companies can adopt to improve and maximise their innovation capabilities. Antonio Clavien is the most popular innovator. He perfectly know that hor to audit a idea and how to use it for your bussiness..